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Why Choose 1st Tribal Lending

When you choose 1st Tribal Lending you are putting your trust in the most knowledgeable and skilled HUD Section 184 lending team in the nation.  The 1st Tribal Lending team has been securing home loans within this industry for well over ten years.  Many of the underwriters at 1st Tribal Lending were among the first to be directly approved to secure HUD Section 184 loans.

1st Tribal Lending has worked with thousands of individuals and families across the nation in securing their HUD Section 184 loans.  1st Tribal Lending has successfully funded loans on the reservation, off the reservation, site built construction, manufactured homes, purchases on and off the reservation and refinances for a multitude of purposes.  Other HUD Section 184 lenders only operate in one or two of these areas, 1st Tribal Lending can do them all.

The Options You Want

If you are looking into a renovation or even construction our staff is more than ready and capable of assisting you along the way.  Our expertise reaches every part of the HUD Section 184 program.  Our underwriters excel at working with Tribes and the Bureau of Indian Affairs Offices.  You may find that other lenders may avoid ‘on reservation’ lending, but1st Tribal Lending sees these loans as an essential part of our mission.  The heart of the tribe is the reservation.  At 1st Tribal Lending, we want the tribe to rest assured that its housing goals are being met.

Our Obligation to You

1st Tribal Lending is also dedicated to the Native American Tribal Members in urbanized areas.  Part of our core philosophy is a continued outreach to the members of those Native American Tribal Members who may not know that they have access to this aide. 1st Tribal Lending has helped thousands of tribal members secure HUD Section 184 loans in urban areas.

Let us be Your Lender

At 1st Tribal Lending our unprecedented level of customer service, unmatched experience and dedication and excitement about serving the Native American Population makes us a natural choice for your lending needs.

Everyone here at 1st Tribal Lending wants to thank you for considering us for such an important task as creating the place you will call your home.

So thank you, from us to you.

1st Tribal Lending